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Lower Back Pain Part 1

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Could your pelvis be the missing piece of your recovery?

Do you have a back pain that is keeping you from doing the things you love? Is it affecting your work, your recreational time, your sport or your family time? Have you tried to resolve your back pain, only to have it reoccur?

The lower back can sometimes be the victim in the painful situation, not the main cause of the dysfunction. Think of the lower back as five interlocking spinal segments (like lego pieces) stacked on top of each other. These stacked segments have a base beneath them, and have the upper body balanced above them.
The base upon which the lower spine rests and depends is the pelvis. This consists of the sacrum in the midline and large pelvic bones on each side of your hips.

Now imagine if you developed a small twist in the pelvis. This is very common. The twist could be painfree and hardly noticeable. But suddenly the base on which your lower spine is depending is no longer in a neutral position. Now there is the potential for those lego segments I mentioned earlier to be pulled into either a twist or a lean, instead of being stacked on top of each other. These segments are designed to move in a forward and backward motion, with very little twisting motion, therefore this resultant twist would immediately take your lower back out of its ‘safe’ zone. The potential for injury or recurrence of back pain is now higher, as the lumbar discs, joints and ligaments could be at risk of being strained.

There are numerous things that could cause this twist in the pelvis – some examples are one hip being tighter than the other, or one foot having an arch that has dropped more than the other, or a weakness within the muscles of the pelvis. Your physio would look for what is causing the twist and would assess whether correction of the twist helps your lower back to move easier. If so, treatment can commence by loosening tight muscles which are causing the twist and strengthening weak muscles which can hold the correction.

Although the lower spine can also be the main cause of the back pain, if you have had treatment specific to your lumbar spine, only to have the pain reoccur, it is a good idea to have your full body assessed for these subtle shifts and twists. The pelvis may be the missing piece in your recovery. Call now to book an assessment.