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About Exercise Therapy

Exercise Therapy is a regimen or plan of physical activities designed and prescribed for specific therapeutic goals. Once an assessment is done, we will ascertain which muscles are overactive, which muscles are tight and which muscles are weak and underactive, and a program will be designed for you.

Focus and repetition is the key to successful exercise training. The aim is to restore the balance in the muscle system, thereby restoring balance across the joints.

One of the features of this physiotherapy treatment is that you will generally be given an exercise program to perform in between visits. This may be structured in various ways according to your injury/rehabilitation needs, motivation, timeframes, abilities and experience with exercise performance.

Exercise therapy may include:

  1. Home exercise programs, or
  2. Supervised exercise involving exercise performance under the care and direction of your therapist

The right exercise method and approach and at the right time, is important for achieving safe and effective exercise performance. Good control and technique facilitates safe exercise performance and desired results.

Our focus is to get you back to being active. If you want to start gym work again but are nervous that you could re-injure yourself, we offer a graded and specific ‘pre gym’ body conditioning. This ensures you re-enter the gym feeling stable from within your core, and far less likely to injure yourself by doing too much too soon.

Our approach to exercise therapy

Our experienced physiotherapists take the required time and care to understand your specific individual preferences, tolerances, goals and needs. Each person’s body is different, and will have different tightnesses and weaknesses. This is why it is so important to do a full body assessment upfront, to ascertain the best exercise specific to you.

We provide advice and guidance to help with the selection of the right exercise approach and the right exercise components for you at all times.  At each session the exercise/s are checked and progressed as you improve. Whatever your goal may be, the exercises are tailored to achieving it.

By using other manual therapy techniques, such as massage or dry needling, tight or overactive muscles can be loosened. This makes it easier for you to recruit and strengthen the weaker muscles.

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