Full Body Assessment

Why get a Full Body Assessment

Whether you want to address a certain health issue or improve your fitness level, our full body assessment with a qualified physiotherapist is the first step.

After we assess the history of your symptoms, we conduct a physical assessment.

A full body assessment entails a head to toe screening to identify any pre-existing injuries as well as identifying any areas that are not moving as they should.  Through a three stage process, the areas that are creating the ripple effect of dysfunction through the body are found.  We are looking for what causes those first ‘ripples’ as they will be the most effective areas to treat.

This will guide treatment moving forward and forms the basis of your highly specific exercise therapy program.  As treatment continues, we will reassess to monitor progress and search for new connections needing therapy.

 Our goal is to find the source of the problem, reduce your symptoms, and prevent ongoing issues.

A full body assessment will identify the source of your pain or mobility issues

The next step following your Full Body Assessment:

Once the ‘drivers’causing your symptoms are found, treatment begins with hands on releasing and bringing awareness to those ‘stuck’ or ‘weak’ parts of your body which are in need of your attention. Your Physiotherapist at Bulimba will then create your personalised exercise therapy programme to deliver your individual needs and goals.

Your progress is strictly monitored each session and the presenting issues are re-evaluated, and we will revise your treatment program and your home exercise programme as accordingly.

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Full body Assessment    full body assessment
Full body Assessment


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